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 Wassenaar has a cosy town centre, filled with restaurants and great shops, multiple museums, including 'Museum Voorlinden' and 'het Louwman museum'. It is also ideal for your daily groceries as Wassenaar is only a fifteen-minute cycle ride away.



 A beautiful twenty-minute cycle ride through the dunes takes you to the beach. Meijendel, part of Hollandse Duinen National Park, is great for long hikes and cycling tours.



 The woods and meadows are just around the corner which is great for walking or cycling. Country estates, farms and cottages can be spotted all around. Many of these sites used to house castles like Persijn, Haesebroek and Raephorst.


Estate De Horsten is close by. Part of this royal estate is open for visitors who can also access the teahouse. 



 Wassenaar has lots to offer when it comes to sports and relaxation. There are golf courses, tennis clubs and even a contemporary swimming center. Numerous other options are available to support an active lifestyle, such as running, field hockey and soccer clubs.



 It takes approximately 20 minutes to cycle from Raephorst to the Binnenhof or the Koninklijke Schouwburg. Don't feel like cycling back late in the evening? We can arrange a taxi for you.



 Schiphol, also known as Amsterdam Airport, is, conveniently, only 25 minutes away.


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